Brief information about Carthage Garden

Carthage Garden is a traditional brand which focuses on first-class, healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Carthage Garden provides the highest quality olive oil and vegetable products to all lovers of healthy eating as well as all gourmands.

Where Europe meets with African civilization, where the culture of Islam is intertwined with the Christian world, Tunisia is located. Exactly there, in a country with a rich history and pleasant climate, the Carthage Garden brand was born. Enter the wonderful world of aromatic pure natural ingredients, where they all look and taste beautiful on the plate.

Our philosophy

Carthage Garden is aimed at first-class food with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine, which is rightly known as one of the healthiest. Carthage Garden is synonymous with quality and health. All products offered under the Carthage Garden brand are 100% natural. All products are made from carefully selected premium ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives. Enter the world of Carthage Garden and your day will turn into an unbridled dance of flavours that conquer your heart.