Emotion of food

Loving food means loving life. Food is not only a way to feed the body, but is also a small ritual which brings joy and pleasure and connects people with similar tastes and opinions.

Preparing food is like a celebration of the pleasures of life. So it is therefore extremely important to know how to choose real quality, which does not require any chemical additives to taste beautifully.

Family Confidence Tradition

Tunisians believe that the basis for a cohesive family is having collective dinners when all members meet at the table. At the end of a tiring day they enjoy their favourite Mediterranean delicacies which bring them together.

  • Surprise your family or friends! Prepare them a delicious Tunisian salad from our grilled peppers! Mix the mixture of grilled peppers with tuna, olives and finely sliced hard boiled eggs and let stand. Makes a great side dish for grilled fish or lamb meat.

Passion Love Emotion

Loving food means loving life. Cut into slices, chop, cook and serve a meal with the greatest pleasure and with all the emotions that life brings you.

  • Hand sliced and roasted Carthage Garden pepper fillets add great taste to meals, and are also pleasing to the eye. Man should love with all his senses!
  • Harissa Berbére pepper puree will heat the senses of your imagination with its hot taste.

Illusion Mystique Fantasy

Mediterranean cuisine secrets are hidden within the imagination of the natives. They know that only high-quality food smells and tastes of the emotions.

  • Amazing, fragrant and delicious Tunisian Chakchouka food - Tunesian ratatouille
  • A delicious mixture of finely chopped Caponata eggplants - Sicilian ratatouille

Friendship Joy Experience

Mediterranean cuisine is a cuisine of contradictions. Simplicity alternates with diversity. Ingredients are connected in ways that local people respect and intuitively decide for them.

  • Feel free to experiment! Use dried tomatoes as a basis for an appetizer with fresh vegetables and bread, or as a seasoning for your favourite pasta, pizza, sauces or soups.

Nature Life Power

High quality food is an essential part of our lives just as breathing. Enjoy your meal, relax, be inspired and have fun.

  • Carthage Garden Benoit extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its characteristic golden-yellow colour and stands out for its excellent quality.
  • Discover the touch of the sun in our flavoured olive oils.